Social Economic And Environment Development Society (SEEDS) is a registered non-governmental, not for profit, non-political voluntary organization, established in the year 2000 and working with deprived section of children, youth, women and poorest of the poor in Dharmapuri District.


To promote socio-economic, political rights and gender justice of women and deprived community.


To give voice to the voiceless section of the society, to enable them to redefine their rights and a fair opportunity to participate in development process.


SEEDS recognizes value as basis of an organization. We are determined to promote ourselves as a valued organization, established to address the social causes and are committed for the overall development of all the sections of the society. Organization identifies democracy, transparency, and decentralization as its risen values and it has grown itself on these universal principles.


Visualizing our vision of a DEVELOPED INDIA, SEEDS strive to make an equitable and just society; we decided to forward our interventions to marginalized and disadvantaged section of the society who have been deprived of their rights and basic amenities of life. Thus, we identified woman, children, depressed classes, poor farmers and landless labourers as our target groups. Rational of selecting woman as target group, is prevalence of dominant patriarchy in our project area, which is responsible for the abysmal status of woman in our project areas. They play a subservient role in social fabrics and are relegated from any decision making process.

Skill Training

With the financial support of Integrated Child Development Programme (ICDS), SEEDS conducted a 45 days skill development training for the adolescent in Tailoring and Embroidery. Totally 30 rural adolescent girls are selected for the training and provided necessary skills to them with our staff team.

Awareness Generation

During the World Environment Day, SEEDS organized an awareness generation meeting for our SHG members and representatives. During the meeting, the resource persons highlighted among the target community about Importance of global warming in particular.

Organic Agriculture

The increasing emphasis of economic system of commercialization towards making maximum profit in the shortest period, development of non- agricultural sector, changing socio-political systems, changing cultural values, recent trends of land monopoly by private companies are the current problems

School Enrolment

SEEDS organized cent percent school enrollment campaign with the help of our women SHGs and school children in its target villages. Later through our personal contacts in families with non-school going children, motivated the parents and encourage them to send their children to schools.